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May 9, 2005

The first week of May in Japan contains four bank holidays, and is consequently known as ‘Golden Week’. I spent the week wandering around Tokyo and Okinawa with Andrew. I also bought a rather ass-kicking new digital SLR camera, so hopefully there should be more and better photos from now on…

Anyway, I’ll dig out some pictures from Golden Week soon, but the purpose of this post is to draw your attention to Andrew’s new website, It contains a number of freely downloadable musics, including Four Songs by me! They were recorded in Edinburgh just before I left for Japan, and feature the excellent George G on djembe and (on one song) the awesome vocal harmonies of Jess B. I only had a single afternoon to record a slightly unfeasible number of songs, and so it’s not a flawless, studio-produced album. But I think they came out ok, especially with George & Jess’s splendid backing, and so rather than have them moulder forever on the cold dark surface of my hard-disk, I thought I would release them into the warm breezes of the superhighway. Of course, if anyone, having listened to them, were to have an opinion, I would love it if you were to open your mouth and spit it my way…

Also on seatunes is Other People’s Music, by The Unrecorded. It is unclassifiable, weapon-sharp electronic music that was made by Andrew and then honed in places with Jess’s vocal lasers. It’s a proper, well-crafted record as well, unlike my scratchy offerings. You should try it even if you hate my songs: it’s an entirely different type of helicopter altogether.

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