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June 2006


June 28, 2006

Busker, Kentish Town Station

Coming back from a street party in Gospel Oak, we were waiting on the platform at Kentish Town station when this bloke turned up with a battered Fender Stratocaster and a tiny battery-powered amp, and provided some tube-tunnel echoey, gritty old-fashioned rock and roll. It was great.

One of the biggest changes in London in the three years I’ve been away: the posters that used to say ‘Busking on the Underground is illegal’ now say something along the lines of ‘The buskers at this station are licensed — please show them your support’ — an improvement so straightforward and catch-free that it’s almost unnerving.

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pictures of china and other places

June 26, 2006

I’ve finally got around to doing something about all the pictures I took in China. I’ve fashioned a tiny gallery which you may look at here. Since there are an awful lot of them, I’ve set my favourite ones aside, so you could probably quite easily get away with just looking at those ones and then getting on with something more pressing. Thank you.

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June 1, 2006

Well: I’m back. I arrived in London last week, whereupon I immediately became ill. But I’m better now, and ready to do some things.

However, the point of this post is really just to say that hopefully, hopefully comments really are now working. Regular bombardments of spam seem to have knocked comments right out for more or less the whole time I’ve been travelling. But I’ve just upgraded WordPress, and the new version is supposed to have spam-shields of steel, so let’s see if that does the trick. Sorry to anyone whose comment has disappeared into the void: please try again.

(Soon, soon: photos of china.) Oho! I’ve added photos of China to previous entries here, and also made a big collection that you can look at here.

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