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January 2007

along the south bank

January 17, 2007

On Sunday I went photographing with Andrew around Charing Cross and along the South Bank. Here are some pictures I took:

ghost on the south bank

A long exposure in which I appear as a ghost with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the background.

blue man

This man was sitting on a bench, speaking into a dictaphone and looking at his watch. Perhaps he is a spy.

a view of the Thames

A view across the river to St. Paul’s.

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happy new year!

January 1, 2007

And a good riddance to 2006 — a year which as far as I’m concerned outstayed its welcome by about three months. I’m quite looking forward to 2007, if only because I just drank a nice cup of good, strong coffee.

My resolutions for this year are to reduce my carbon footprint, be sparing with my use of exclamation marks, and eat more cake.

Well, good luck. I hope you find 2007 acceptable to your taste.

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