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two pictures from my telephone’s mind

March 26, 2004

a sparkler

Lately the weather here has been pretty grey, and I’ve been too busy with end of term stuff to take any photos. The other night, though, I was rummaging through the contents of my mobile phone’s tiny electronic mind, and I found I’ve got a few quite nice pictures that I’ve taken with it. So here, for starters, are a couple of the artiest.

The top picture is of a sparkler, held by a small child.

The bottom picture… I don’t know what it’s a picture of, actually. I’ve forgotten. I know I took it quite recently – I remember taking it. I just don’t remember what I was looking at or why. Let’s say it’s the night sky. The beautiful night sky. And it’s one of those really long exposures so you can actually see the movement of the stars along their ancient paths. It’s not, of course. It’s probably oncoming traffic or something. But that’s not so evocative, is it?

Right. So. Tomorrow I’m off to Osaka again – this time to meet my mum and dad who are coming over for the spring break. So I’ll be out of range for a little while. Please don’t take this as an invitation to burgle my house, but please do take it as an excuse if I owe you an email and you’re wondering where I’ve got to – things have been hectic lately, is all…

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