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another trip, a tidy house

December 10, 2003

a samba band

This paragraph removed on account of being extremely boring. Sorry. I just looked at it again and found I couldn’t get more than a couple of lines into it without starting to drift off. I’ll try to be more careful in future.

What it said was:

  • I went to the big city.
  • I saw a Brazilian / Okinawan band.
  • I met some members of the island’s taiko group.
  • I bought a new futon and chair, which have made my house much more comfortable.
  • I tidied my house and, in doing so, also claimed to have “tidied my mind.”

While I am confessing things, I might as well also add that I have also removed some italicisation from various places as well. I was getting carried away there.

This is in danger of getting as boring as the thing I removed, so I think I’ll stop now.

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