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some pictures of my island

August 19, 2003

  1. from my window
  2. next island
  3. beach sunset
  4. dark sunset
  1. On a nice day, this is what it looks like from the window of my living room (which I do actually live in).
  2. On Sunday I got on the bike I have borrowed from Mrs.Y, who runs a shop on the island, and I rode around to a point where I could see the next island. This is what it looks like: like this.
  3. This is the beach that everyone seems to go to for swimming in the daytime and barbecues at night. Last week I came here with a nice woman from the office and her family, and went snorkelling. Her son was back from senior high school on mainland Okinawa for Obon (Buddhist festival of the dead), and we went snorkelling. I chased lots of small blue fish, and a large grey one.
  4. Taken from the same place as the view of the next island (above), a few minutes later and looking in a different direction.

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