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arrival in Japan

August 3, 2003

the view from the plane
Tokyo at night

from Tokyo to Okinawa

Things that went wrong on the way to Japan:

  • The flight I was meant to be on was struck by lightning. So I was put on to an earlier flight, which meant:
    • I didn’t get to say goodbye to my family. They’d come to Heathrow to have lunch with me during the three-hour changeover.
    • I didn’t get to travel with Kim. The plane journey was going to be the last time we could spend any time together for the next few months.
  • The travel agency told me the wrong hotel, so I ended having to lug my luggage for three blocks. To understand how bad a thing that is, you need to know that Tokyo in August is like a very, very hot greenhouse.
  • Things that went right:

  • Got upgraded to first class…

I really only mention these because it seems so typical that a chain of extremely bad and good things should happen as a consequence of an aeroplane – which I never even saw – being struck by lightning.

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