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May 30, 2005

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On my last trip to the mainland I bought a wide-angle lens for my new camera. The frustration I had in Tokyo after I bought the camera was that the lens I bought with it is perfect for taking pictures of people and their faces and the like, but when it comes to temples, waterfalls and skyscrapers I just couldn’t stand far enough away to get more than a corner in. Hence the need for a new lens. I think between the two, I’m probably quite well sorted for lenses.

Anyway, since buying the new lens the weather has been relentlessly grey and nondescript — until Sunday, when it (temporarily) brightened up & I took the opportunity to drive round the island with Y and a sixpack of cold beers, taking photos from beaches and hilltops. This photography lark is going to take a bit of practice — I did used to have an old SLR, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had anything much to do with all this f-stop and aperture priority jiggery-pokerey. Still, some of the pictures came out ok, and I’d recommend spending a sunny afternoon wandering around taking photos to anyone.

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