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the goodbye blues

August 9, 2004

You know that thing where you meet a really outstandingly excellent individual, and you soon realise that they’re going to be great friends, but at the time you’re pretty busy so you keep meaning to meet up but never quite getting round to it, but you keep thinking “next week, next week…”, and then one day you run into them and they tell you that they’re leaving town in a couple of weeks, so you really make a mental note to make sure you get a chance to properly meet up before they go, but time sort of slips past, and you run into them again and they say “I’m leaving in three days’ time”, and so you arrange to definitely meet up the next day and do something, but then the next day even though you’re looking forward to meeting up with them you keep running into people who say “Hey! Long time no see!” and offer you a beer, and you don’t see any particular hurry so you say ok, and in the end when you meet up with the person who’s leaving soon it’s quite late and they seem a little disappointed that you took so long to get there and because it’s a festival lots of other people are coming up to say their goodbyes, so you have a rather fragmented conversation in moments here and there throughout the evening between other people’s goodbyes, and then suddenly it’s late and everyone is tired and drunk and the person in question gets in a car and waves and disappears off into the night, and you sit on the grass absent-mindedly weaving straw into a hoop and quietly kicking yourself repeatedly in the head…?

Well… that happened to me yesterday.


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