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is that all there is to a typhoon?

June 25, 2004

yellow skies

Once again, the typhoon was a bit of a let-down, although at least this time it lasted over twelve hours, rather than the previous one’s feeble three. Apparently it veered off to the east at the last minute, and we only caught the edge of it. Which is lucky, because it was about the same size as mainland Japan. On Sunday evening the wind died down and I, not having left my house house since the previous afternoon, decided to go out for a walk down to the sea, to see if it was still typhoon-rough. The dying typhoon made the sky go a strange deep yellow colour. The sea was disappointingly calm.

Have to go now – got to get the 12:30 plane to the city to get to the immigration office and get a re-entry permit, because next Friday I’m going to China for a week to visit Jess. It’s been a busy week, because I’ve got a taiko concert every day for the next three days – Naha tomorrow, on the beach on Sunday, and at school on Monday – so have been practicing every evening this week.

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