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too many clocks

February 19, 2004

thousands of clocks

I just made a ‘telling the time’ game to play with the elementary school kids, which involved throwing forty-eight paper clocks on the floor and shouting a time which the kids then have to grab. The reason I’m telling you this is just because of the interesting and unanticipated psychological effect I experienced when I spread the cut-out clocks out on the floor. I looked down at all the clocks, all looking almost identical, but telling different times, and it freaked my mind out (to use a technical term). “Ooh, this is a difficult game,” I groaned, involuntarily. “No, no – I think it’ll be ok,” said the teacher. But I didn’t mean ‘this will be too difficult for the kids’. I meant ‘argh, too many clocks, too many clocks! Limitless, incomprehensible space and time stretching away from us in all directions!’

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