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other people’s music

February 7, 2004

May I draw your attention to the fact that Other People’s Music, the debut album from The Unrecorded is now available for listening and purchase at moontune? [these days it’s at – 2006/05/02]

“Other People’s Music” is the fruit of four years’ simmering inside the mind and computer of Mr. Andrew H, and features the unprecedented, searing voice of Jess Bryant sweeping like a helicopter floodlight over the rain-swept streets of Andrew’s music in search of crackly, out-of focus fugitives.

I’m not recommending it just because they happen to be two of my favourite people: even if I found them both extremely objectionable in numerous ways and also, frankly, slightly unpleasant-smelling, I would still have to admit that they had made an album of indisputable, shimmeringly splendid splendidness. As it is, I can assure you that they are also two of the nicest, most fragrant people you could meet.

If you were to want to know what Other People’s Music sounds like, I could say words like “grainy” and “dusty, crackling hammond organs“, and “the whispering voices of the electromagnetic waves“, but you would do better to go to moontune seatunes yourself and have a listen to the extracts there – One Second, for example, or This Is Mine, or Other People’s Music – and then if your heart isn’t immediately seized by the violent urge to purchase and own the album and listen to it over and over, then I’ll eat… let’s see… this pamphlet about dangerous Okinawan marine life. Ok? Good.

The more observant and suspicious-minded of you might see my name mentioned in the credits of this record, and think “hold on just a second here – what are you up to?”. I would like to put you at your ease by saying that my contribution consisted of recording Jess’s vocals and supplying a few samples. I’m not part of ‘The Unrecorded’, and I’m not getting any of the money. So this is a recommendation, not some kind of ‘infomercial’, for goodness’ sakes. Sheesh.

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