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October 18, 2003

yellow fish

It’s been five weeks since I left my island, so this weekend I decided to visit the mainland. I went with two other English teachers – Gina and Anna – to a very excellent aquarium. The highlight was an enormous tank, which must have been about fifteen or twenty metres to a side, in which huge mantas, silver tuna, and three massive whale sharks drifted about. On the lowest level of the aquarium was a dimly lit cafe where we sat and had coffee and watched huge animals glide about on the other side of the thick perspex windows.

The other thing I did this weekend was buy a new bike. It’s a very small folding bike with gears and suspension and everything. So I’ve finally given Mrs. Y back the bike that I borrowed from her a couple of months ago. Now I’ve got some gears, exploring the island won’t be such an epic task – and there are still a few places I haven’t been yet…

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